About Nakovanj Music

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Welcome to a resource of energetic, epic, emotional tracks and dramatic underscores for any type of audio-visual projects such as film, TV & media, games, etc.

A main purpose of this page is to promote and transmit original composed and mastered soundtracks to people who looking for such a kind of content.

This is how it works: Browse, listen to and freely download any type of content. If you find useful, please make a donation. All the stuff here is 100% property of "Nakovanj music" and it's royalty free.

You need exclusive music on particular demand. Please contact us. We will respond to your request and produce some excellent tracks for your next project. If you need a printable license please provide enough information (project name, authors etc)




1. Licensee, or their customers, shall have a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable right to use the Sounds only in synchronization or timed-relation with other audio and/or audio-visual productions ("Projects") for broadcast and/or non-broadcast purposes and shall have mechanical reproduction rights only in connection with Projects subject to the following restrictions:

a. The Sounds may not be transferred, copied, or duplicated by itself, either in whole or in part, other than in timed-relation with the Projects with the exception that Licensee may make one copy for back-up or archive purposes. Further, the Sounds, apart from the Projects, may not be resold, licensed, leased or in any way distributed to any third party without the express written permission of NAKOVANJ MUSIC.

b. Licensee shall not have the right to add lyrics to the Sounds without the express written permission of the NAKOVANJ MUSIC.

c. Release of the Sounds on any commercially available audio-only product (e.g., compact disc or other phonorecords) shall require notification for approval by the NAKOVANJ MUSIC.